Old Hickory® Block Set – OntarioKnife

Old Hickory® Block Set – OntarioKnife

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The Old Hickory® now come in a beautiful block set. The block is composed of hardwood. It also comes with 5 Old Hickory knives: 3-1/4' Paring Knife, 4' Paring Knife, 6' Boning Knife, 8' Slicing Knife, 7' Butcher Knife. USE & CARE Please note that the Old Hickory knives are made with carbon steel.  We have been maki


Old Hickory Ontario Knife Company Ontario Outdoor Bird n Trout Fixed 3.4 in Blade Wood Handle : Sports & Outdoors


Old Hickory Block Set – Eagle Valley Cutlery


Old Hickory 5 Piece Cutlery Set Carbon Steel Blades and Wood Handles USA Made


Old Hickory® Block Set – OntarioKnife


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Moteng Ontario OH73 Old Hickory Stricker Kitchen Knife: Tactical Knives: Home & Kitchen

Ontario Old Hickory Block Set | OKC 7220Now one of the most loved and trusted lines in Kitchen Cutlery Old Hickory is available in a block set. New for 2018 OKC has crafted a beautiful home for the 5 piece set of Old Hickory Knives. Included in this block set is a black hardwood block and everything that comes with the Old Hickory 5 piece Set: 3-1/4 Paring Knife 4 Paring Knife 6 Boning Knife 8 Slicing Knife and the 7 Butcher Knife.


Old Hickory Block Set- Ontario Knife Company #7220


Ontario Knife Co. 5-Piece Old Hickory Knife Set 705: Hunting Knives: Home & Kitchen


Old Hickory 5 Piece Cutlery Set Carbon Steel Blades and Wood Handles USA Made - KnifeCenter - 7180


Old Hickory 5 Piece Cutlery Set Carbon Steel Blades and Wood Handles USA Made - KnifeCenter - 7180