Mini Sheet Pan Pancakes - Nordic Ware

Mini Sheet Pan Pancakes - Nordic Ware

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The best fluffy buttermilk pancakes baked in a sheet pan! This simple pancake recipe is baked in our Eighth Sheet for a fun way to serve up your favorite breakfast$web_pdp_main_carousel_low$/220913133313/silver-dollar-pancake-pan.jpg

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The Patterns Pancake Breakfast Pan makes cooking breakfast a breeze. Thanks to high-quality cast aluminum, you can cook your pancakes to perfection every time on medium-high heat. Pour pancake batter into the designated areas, wait for it to cook, and flip the pancakes to reveal beautiful patterns. The pancake pan helps make breakfast a fun and creative experience for everyone.

Nordic Ware Patterns Pancake Pan

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Serve up a special breakfast with bee-autiful pancakes cooked in the Nordic Ware Honey Bee Pancake Pan! This pancake pan features seven 3 cavities, each with its own adorable design. The cavity designs include one happy little bee buzzing along, one sweet bee holding a flower, one rhythmic bee dancing to a beat, two different flowers, a honeycomb, and a beehive. The nonstick inner coating ensures that each pancake will release cleanly without losing any delicate details.

Nordic Ware Honey Bee Pancake Pan

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Aluminum all the way! What rust? With the Aluminum Eighth Sheet Pan by Nordic Ware, all your oven goodies are always in a safe place to cook and serve from for years to come. The smooth edged pan is cast entirely in aluminum for superior baking performance you can taste, no matter the oven. When that moment comes to open the oven door, a golden brown tint evenly covers your food ever so nicely, thanks to the natural aluminum.

Nordic Ware | Aluminum Eighth Sheet Pan

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