7 Best Footrests for Working From Home 2021

7 Best Footrests for Working From Home 2021

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Chiropractors recommend the best footrests for working from home to improve your posture from brands like ErgoFoam, Kensington, Humanscale, HUANUO, and Hotokii..
For those of us with shorter legs, sitting all day is even more detrimental. “If your legs don’t quite reach the ground comfortably when you sit, it can worsen posture and cause back pain,” says Lefkowitz. Potasznik agrees that it’s important to “have something to allow your feet to rest comfortably on the floor,” like this portable, foldable footrest. With a sliding panel for adjustable surface area, it can also be made small enough to fit in tight spaces like under an airplane seat. .
Chiropractors recommend the best footrests for working from home to improve your posture from brands like ErgoFoam, Kensington, Humanscale, HUANUO, and Hotokii.


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